PerUs Wine

PerUs Wine

PerUs was established by a group of people passionate in their belief that life is to be measured not by our possessions, but rather by friends, family and the memories that we cherish. This philosophy defines who we are as a company and inspires us to share our vision through our wines.

What we do

PerUs wine allocation is by invite only, extended to those who share with us the desire for an impassioned and inspired life, enriched by vibrant experiences and, of course, good wine.

How we do it

PerUs invites those who share our passions and aspirations to join us in creating a community grounded in excellence, diversity and authenticity. PerUs connects people who care about wine, but equally aspire to live fully and well. We look forward to welcoming you to PerUs.

Why we do it

A convergence of people, events and wine, PerUs was conceived to create a legacy of excellence, a multi-generational entity that embraces the highest standards of business and fundamental human ideals. Our founding members are a group of successful entrepreneurs and gifted professionals who have joined forces to create, develop and evolve PerUs for future generations.